Unsolicited Testamonial
A call comes into Damnation Labs:

Caller: We have a problem.
Damned#0: Proceed.
Caller: The weekend of August 18, millions of people will be crowded outside of theatres waiting to see Snakes.
Damned#0: Quite.
Caller: Sir, there's a possibility of RAIN.
Damned#0: Dear God...

Snakes in the Rain to the rescue. This is not a shirt, it's an UMBRELLA. Features 36" spread, compact design (16" closed), color-matched handle, push-button, carry strap, one of those umbrella sleeves that no one knows what do do with, opening, closing, and making a "fwoop" sound. Not suitable for volcanic eruption protection.

Print is white on a navy section of a two-tone navy/white umbrella. Complements the Snakes shirt nicely.

2 for $15

No longer available

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