Unsolicited Customer Testamonials

And sometimes people send us fanmail.


"I ordered the "Snakes on a Plane" and a "Monkey Steals the Peach" shirts, and I absolutely love them! They're great quality, and I get lots of good comments from people. So thanks for making kick ass shirts."
Erin, California

Scott, Pennsylvania

"I ordered one of your fantastic Snakes On A Plane tees on Jan 26th. It arrived in cold, windy Manchester, England, on Jan 31st. You said a week and it didn't even take that! It's a great tshirt as well. I know I'll be shopping with you again....long may you continue!"
Ben, United Kingdom

"Thanks so much for creating these shirts!"
Mandy, Alabama

"Thank you thank you thank you for making this kickass shirt..."
Ryan, Illinois

"Thank you for making these amazing shirts."
Ann, Ohio

"Ever since I got my Snakes on A Plane, life has been fantastic and I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror! Thanks Snakes on A Plane! (and Damnation too!)"
Jay, Massachusetts

"Very, very, very, very, very funny. When I read the note in Wired and saw your shirt I laughed so hard I cried."
Bob, California

"Got my SoaP t-shirt today, and damned if it didn't leap out of the package and sink its venomous fangs into my entire family, killing them instantly. But you know what? Once I looked deeply into those dark blue fibers I just couldn't stay mad at it. I wish I knew how to quit my SoaP t-shirt."
Lee, California

"I'm working on the additional photography for Snakes and we ordered a bunch of shirts to wear the first day of shooting - thanks for making us the cool kids."
Amy, California

"I ordered the Snakes on a Plane Limited Edition shirt on Wendsday and recieved it Saturday. It fits perfectly, and is a great conversation starter. I will most certainly buy from Damnation again."
Andrew, Pennsylvania

"I just want to say thanks for such an awesome lightning quick service! Ordered the shirt in the middle of last week, arrived this morning! Great Stuff guys!"
Gordon, Ireland

"I just bought the limited MF edition of your t-shirt and it rocks! It will have to become my standard attire while I fly my MF RC plane with snakes on it!"
Thomas, California

"I just got my shirts, amazing quality I'm impressed, I just voted for you guys at T-shirt countdown and will be looking for other great shirts from you guys. Snakes? On a Plane? Got-Damn!!"
Michael, Canada

"Got the snakes t-shirt yesterday. That's less than a week and included the Easter shutdown. Top draw. I've sent postcards from Scotland that have taken longer to arrive. All power to you. Bang on. Long may you run."
David, United Kingdom

"My life will begin anew the day I receive this shirt . . . you are a master."
Joshua, Massachusetts

"This T shirt is the most important thing I have ever ordered anywhere at any time. I don't know if "generalized-awesomeatude" is a word . . . but it should be. And thats the only word that can do your website justice."
Brad, Tennessee